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Befriending the Body Made Simple

What you will learn

Grow your confidence to use body based strategies in your therapy room. Learn how to help your clients recover from trauma by befriending and reconnecting with their bodies.
Befriending, reconnecting and ultimately feeling safe in the body is a vital step for clients in trauma recovery, especially complex trauma.

This training is suitable for therapists from any treatment modality.

Webinar recording length 2h 20mins.
Cost $197 (AUD)

An easy to understand framework

Learn a practical and useable framework for introducing and using befriending the body techniques into your therapy room.

Assess and Offer

Nadene shows you how to assess you client's mind body connection and felt sense of safety.
You are guided in how to offer titrated befriending the body techniques to your client's level of readiness.

Easy to apply strategies

Nadene teaches easy in session strategies to help your clients identify body cues of safety and danger, develop skills to come into contact with anger sensations in the body, and healthily express anger and reduce phobic avoidance of physical sensations of emotions and other body sensations.

Integrate into Your Therapy Model

Nadene shows you how to integrate befriending the body techniques into CBT, schema therapy and EMDR therapy (but it can be used with any model).

Downloadable resources and skills videos

Downloadables you can keep forever and access to skills videos for 12 months.

Praise for Befriending the Body Made Simple

Thank you for your amazing webinar. Your teaching brings together so many different elements of my professional experience and trainings, as well as my own personal discoveries. Coming from CBT origins, I have gradually been moving towards more body-oriented approaches. I have personally been drawn to yoga, nature connectedness, dance and drumming (and recently discovered nature journalling) for my own wellbeing, but didn’t have a roadmap for how to incorporate what I have learned for my patients. I am looking forward to finding ways that I can incorporate these ideas from the webinar into my work.
– Arwyn, Clinical Psychologist
Brisbane, Australia
I really enjoyed this webinar, Befriending the Body. Lots of ideas and skills, and Nadene generously shared lots of videos as part of the webinar, would recommend.
Rebecca, Psychologist
NSW, Australia
Across all her courses, Nadene uses her extensive clinical experience, encyclopaedic knowledge, and passion for pedagogy to synthesise complex clinical concepts into digestible and, most crucially, practical learnings for clinicians of any level of knowledge and experience. Befriending the Body is an apt example of Nadene’s profound gift in integrating diverse areas of clinical practice into a consistent, client-focused, and evidence-based approach to treatment. You walk away with ideas, insights, and inspiration for the “why and how” of augmenting individual’s healing journeys through supporting them in safely reconnecting with their earth-based instrument. Befriending the Body represents the very essence of clinical excellence!
Emma, Clinical Psychologist
Perth, Australia
I absolutely loved your webinar. Your expertise will have a direct impact on my practice and benefit the lives of my clients, and for that I am truly grateful.
Adrian, Psychologist
Thank you, Nadene. Befriending the Body was a great webinar. I used strategies from it over telehealth the very next day.
Bonnie, Psychologist
Perth, Australia

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Meet Nadene van der Linden

Nadene is a Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor with 20 years of experience as a therapist. She is an accredited EMDR Consultant and therapist and Advanced Certified Schema Therapist. Nadene supervises a large number of therapists in the combined use of schema therapy and EMDR and has presented internationally on the topic. Nadene’s clinical focus is trauma and she has a passion for incorporating body connection strategies into therapy.

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