Coaching, Consultation and Supervision with Nadene

Coaching: I Help You Thrive Professionally, Financially and Personally

Build a career you love. Stop feeling trapped and like you can’t see a way forward.

I help you protect your career by learning the origins of their discontent and teach you practical strategies to build a career you love.

I help therapists like you find their authentic voice, claim your niche, get support for private practice issues and learn how to ethically promote your business.

EMDR Consultation: I am an EMDRAA accredited Consultant. I offer individual and group consultation for EMDR basic training and accreditation as an EMDR therapist and consultant. My focus is combining schema therapy and EMDR and the use of body based strategies including somatic interweaves and embodied parts work.

Supervision: I supervise people who use schema therapy and EMDR. I am an Advanced  Certified Schema Therapist and an Accredited  EMDR Consultant and therapist and my focus is combining schema therapy and EMDR with body-based strategies for deeper and lasting client outcomes. 

Please note the Thriving Therapist Formula discounted coaching/ supervision fee is only available to therapists who are paid members of my signature program Thriving Therapist Formula. Want to join Thriving Therapist Formula? 

Please note I am  based at unit 7/ 9 Coolibah Greenwood (Perth) or we can meet via videoconferencing. Please set the appointment scheduler to your timezone to avoid confusion. Your sms and email reminder will be set in your timezone.

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You are also welcome to call 0411564587 or email me with information about your specific needs : nadene.linden @

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