Complete Trauma Therapy Bundle

What's included

This bundle includes 4 bite-sized trainings. My popular trainings clearly explain and simplify working with trauma from a body-mind and parts work (multiplicity of self) perspective. My trainings are especially popular with therapists using schema therapy and/or EMDR.
The webinar and masterclass recordings included are:
1. Befriending the Body Made Simple
2. Working with Parts of Self Made Simple
3. Interpersonal Neurobiology Made Simple
4. Creatively Combining Schema Therapy and EMDR. Access to downloadable resources you can keep forever and skills videos (2 years access).

Save over $100 by buying the bundle.

Full payment price $628 (AUD)
6 part payment plan also available.

Befriending the Body Made Simple

Grow your confidence to use body based strategies in your therapy room. Learn how to help your clients recover from trauma by befriending and reconnecting with their bodies. Befriending, reconnecting and ultimately feeling safe in the body is a vital step for clients in trauma recovery, especially complex trauma. This training is suitable for therapists from any treatment modality.

Working with Parts of Self Made Simple

Working with parts of self is an essential part of working with complex trauma. It can also help less complex clients: *Resolve stuck points in therapy *Make decisions *Work towards changing long standing habits *Understand and shift interpersonal and relationship difficulties.
This 2 hour webinar recording includes downloadable resources and skills videos and is suitable to therapists from any modality wanting to learn about parts work.

Interpersonal Neurobiology Made Simple

In this 90 minute webinar recording I demystify Interpersonal Neurobiology. You will be able to talk about the science of Interpersonal Neurobiology in a meaningful, accessible and helpful way with your clients. Easy to apply strategies are offered with skills videos you can watch later and resources you can download. This training is suitable for therapists from any modality.

Creatively Combining Schema Therapy and EMDR

Grow your confidence and skill in combining schema therapy and EMDR with this online masterclass. Learn how to maximise the benefits of these two powerful therapies for your clients. Designed for therapists who have some previous knowledge and training in both EMDR and Schema Therapy and are looking for ways to confidently combine these two powerful therapies.

Praise for my trauma therapy skills training​

EMDR and schema therapy is an exciting combination of two evidence based approaches. This webinar is so helpful for therapists who are, or would like to, blend the two. Nadene is skilled at distilling her wealth of knowledge and experience into clearly explained and easy to follow concepts. She reassures and encourages therapists to follow the evidence but also use their own creativity to meet their clients needs.
– Hannah, Clinical Psychologist
Melbourne, Australia
I’ve just completed Working with Parts- absolutely awesome. I learnt so much, and discovered that there are frameworks that go with some of the ways I’ve been exploring self with clients. I have made up a resource folder with your slides (loads of my notes on!) and I’ve ordered a heap of the books to explore further. You really inspired me!”
– Amiee, Community Psychologist
Bunbury, Australia
Thank you Nadene, I always get some much from your trainings and Interpersonal Neurobiology is no different. I recommend your training to everyone I know. Big thanks.
– Liane, Psychologist
NSW, Australia
Working with parts of self is an excellent webinar, will rewatch as so much information to absorb. Your webinars are great, you put in so much effort and are easy to learn from.
–Kathleen, Psychologist
NSW, Australia
Across all her courses, Nadene uses her extensive clinical experience, encyclopaedic knowledge, and passion for pedagogy to synthesise complex clinical concepts into digestible and, most crucially, practical learnings for clinicians of any level of knowledge and experience. Befriending the Body is an apt example of Nadene’s profound gift in integrating diverse areas of clinical practice into a consistent, client-focused, and evidence-based approach to treatment. You walk away with ideas, insights, and inspiration for the “why and how” of augmenting individual’s healing journeys through supporting them in safely reconnecting with their earth-based instrument. Befriending the Body represents the very essence of clinical excellence!
–Emma, Director and Clinical Psychologist
Perth, Australia
Thank you Nadene, Interpersonal Neurobiology is a comprehensive webinar that I have gained a great deal from. I will enjoy reading and going through it again. Very useful, and it has spurred my thinking about my clients immediately. Michelle, Psychologist
Michelle, Clinical Psychologist
Melbourne, Australia
Creatively Combining Schema Therapy and EMDR was extremely helpful as I’m relatively new to both and really needed to get my head around them a bit more! Thank you 🙂
– Sharon, Clinical Psychologist
Perth, Australia
I absolutely loved your Befriending the Body webinar. Your expertise will have a direct impact on my practice and benefit the lives of my clients, and for that I am truly grateful.
– Adrian, Psychologist

Meet Nadene van der Linden

Nadene is a Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor with 20 years of experience as a therapist. She is an accredited EMDR Consultant and therapist and Advanced Certified Schema Therapist. Nadene supervises a large number of therapists in the combined use of schema therapy and EMDR and has presented internationally on the topic. Nadene’s clinical focus is trauma and she has a passion for incorporating body connection strategies into therapy.

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