Schema and EMDR (2)

Creatively Combining
Schema Therapy & EMDR

What you will learn

Grow your confidence and skills in combining schema therapy and EMDR with this 3 hour online masterclass.

Learn how to maximise the benefits of these two powerful therapies for your clients.

Designed for therapists who have some previous knowledge and training in both EMDR and Schema Therapy and are looking for ways to confidently combine these two powerful therapies.

Access to downloadable resources you can keep forever. Lifetime access to the recording.

Recording length: 3 hours.

Price $227 (AUD).

Overcome Your Blocks

Overcome any blocks to combining schema therapy and EMDR by understanding of the pros and cons of schema therapy and EMDR, and how to apply this knowledge to benefit your clients and assist in treatment planning.


Easy to implement techniques including schema therapy concepts to enhance interweaves. Learn how to successfully identify modes in EMDR therapy and work with them. How to choose EMDR processing versus imagery rescripting.


Supercharge your client's therapy by harnessing the power of the schema therapy formulation and techniques to work with blocks in EMDR processing AND using EMDR to bypass blocks and strengthen the message of imagery rescripting.

Participate in gently powerful experiential exercises

Nadene leads you through some gently powerful experiential exercises (no trauma content used) that you can use with your clients.

Downloadable resources

Downloadables you can keep forever and life time access to the recording

Praise for Creatively Combining
Schema Therapy And EMDR

EMDR and schema therapy is an exciting combination of two evidence based approaches. This webinar is so helpful for therapists who are, or would like to, blend the two. Nadene is skilled at distilling her wealth of knowledge and experience into clearly explained and easy to follow concepts. She reassures and encourages therapists to follow the evidence but also use their own creativity to meet their clients needs.
– Hannah, Clinical Psychologist
Melbourne, Australia
Creatively Combining Schema Therapy and EMDR is really informative and helpful. Will be utilising with clients.
- Phillipa, Psychologist
Geraldton, Australia
Thanks so much Nadene. After Creatively Combining Schema Therapy and EMDR I’m feeling much more confident to blend the two more actively 🙂
- Tiffany, Clinical Psychologist
Perth, Australia
Thank you so much Nadene for an informative and useful presentation! I’ve learned a lot from Creatively Combining Schema Therapy and EMDR therapy.
- Tina, Clinical Psychologist
Melbourne, Australia
Creatively Combining Schema Therapy and EMDR was extremely helpful as I’m relatively new to both and really needed to get my head around them a bit more! Thank you 🙂
- Sharon, Clinical Psychologist
Perth, Australia

Meet Nadene van der Linden

Nadene is a Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor with 20 years of experience as a therapist. She is an accredited EMDR Consultant and therapist and Advanced Certified Schema Therapist.

Nadene supervises a large number of therapists in the combined use of schema therapy and EMDR and has presented internationally on the topic.

Nadene’s clinical focus is trauma and she has a passion for incorporating body connection strategies into therapy.

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