Detox Your Therapy Practice

Are you tired of:

* The demands of full books, waitlists and non-stop 1:1 therapy

* The Medicare and insurance system dominating your therapy practice and earnings

* The constant double checking of rebates and paperwork to make sure you don't have to pay money back for work you have done

* Being at the mercy of overnight Medicare rule changes that can impact your income negatively

*Dealing with the insurance systems processes that impact client outcomes

* Having no way to scale your income

* Your creativity, knowledge and skills being limited to your therapy room

It's time for you to Detox Your Therapy Practice

What's included

This training includes a short video training and a downloadable guide to get you started on Detoxing Your Therapy Practice.

Simple and accessible information for you to start your journey to making your therapy practice work for you.

Stop doing the stuff that is dragging you down.

Move towards a therapy business that works for you, takes care of your needs AND allows you to expand professionally whilst making the same or much more money.

You know there has to be a better way.

Sign up for the free and on demand training.

I'm in! I want to detox my therapy practice

About Nadene

Hi, I’m Nadene. 

I’m a Clinical Psychologist, Coach, trainer, accredited EMDR Consultant and Therapist and Advanced Certified Schema Therapist.


I created  a successful niched therapy practice and attracted my dream clients. Since then I have pivoted my business away from therapy to a primarily training, coaching and supervision business.

I help therapists build private practice careers they love and introduce alternative income streams so they can do less 1:1 therapy and create scaleable income.

I have supervised, coached and trained over one thousand therapists to feel more confident in their application of trauma therapy techniques and to work in  a way that both serves their clients and is authentic to who they are.

My therapist training and courses are well known for being immediately accesible and useful to therapists. This is due to my capacity to explain complex ideas into simple to understand and  easy to apply concepts for therapists.

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