You know that you need to be visible to achieve your goal and your fear is getting in  the way. You’re scared of criticism and  judgement from peers, friends, family and random people. Or you just don’t know how to be visible. You need:

Courage to Be Seen

You’re not alone if you’re scared of being visible. Being visible when you’re used to being undercover can be terrifying.

I’m here to help you overcome your fears and blocks so that you can achieve a comfortable visibility that allows you to reach your goals. 

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What’s possible for you  in  my Courage to be Seen Coaching Program

Identify your blocks to visibility
Overcome your fears of visibility and takes steps to get more visible
Embrace and even enjoy visibility in a way that is uniquely yours
Be guided to use your visibility with maximum impact: what works and doesn't work
Use visibility to increase profit through good messaging and offering technique
Address your money mindset issues to ensure your increased visibilty can prosper

Courage to be Seen guides you step by step to overcome blocks and fears to visibility. You will develop a grounded confidence in visibility through mindset work and experiential exercises. Nadene walks you through what you need to purposefully action your visibility to prosper and take charge of your potential.



You’re not alone in your fear of visibility and that fear will hold you back from your professional goals.

You can’t take yourself to the next level of your career, offer training, become well known for something, sell online coaching  or training without becoming visible.

So many therapists give up on their dreams because they fear the criticism and judgement of their friends, family, partners and random strangers.

So many therapists get blocked by beliefs like ” I’m not the right kind of therapist to be visible. I’m not smart enough, pretty enough, well spoken enough, white enough, skinny enough, or I don’t talk with the right accent, I came from the wrong side of the tracks, didn’t go to the right school”

What you don’t know is that whatever it is that you believe makes it unacceptable or not good enough for you to be visible is most likely to be one of the things that people will love you most for.

For example one of my fears was I’m not polished enough? Do you know what feedback I get the most of?  “I love that you are so real, spontaneous and warm. You make me feel comfortable to / brave enough to ….”

Whatever it is, it will probably be a super power for connection to your audience.

You won’t know what your perceived weakness come super-power for connection is until you break out of invisibility.

Are you ready to move towards courage to find out?


Courage to be seen is what you need to move foward. We don’t just teach putting yourself out there. Because being visible isn’t enough,  you need to be visible in a way that works.


What's included?

Courage to be Seen: Coaching Program Overview

Courage to be Seen takes you from scared to confident. It’s designed to guide you to embrace visibility and harness it’s power to work for you, not just now but in an going way. Most importantly, it gives you the tools to use visibility purposefully and profitably.

This coaching container is a 6 week experience with weekly group coaching calls. Calls offer a combination of coaching, mindset work and experiential work to create powerful and lasting change. It’s not just a change your thoughts program. You also receive dowloadable guides and access to Nadene via WhatsApp.

Week 1 Visibilty Matters

  • Goals for being visible: what matters to you
  • Identify what blocks you from being visible
  • Experiential exercises and mindset work to support your goal

Week 2 Overcome your visibility fears

  • Healing patterns that entrench your visibilty fears
  • Making a plan to increase your courage
  • Experiential exercises and mindset work to support your healing

Week 3 Aligned, Ethical and Authentic Visibility

  • Being visibly  in an authentic and honest to you way
  • “Flaws”/ not good enough as a super power for connection”
  • Values Aligned Visibility
  • Ethical visibility

Week 4 Visibility on Purpose

  • The kind of visibility  you need to get results
  •  The importance of purposeful visibility 
  • Mindset and experiential work to develop permission to be purposeful with profit as  end goal

Visibility for Profit: Message (Market) and Offer (Sell) Well

  • Maximise your visibility with messaging (marketing) that works
  • Simple steps to improve your capacity to offer (sell)
  • Exercises to overcome your fear of being salesy

Week 6  Visibility Action Round -up plus Bonus Money Mindset redo

  • Review of your progress and action towards goals
  • Develop an action plan for sustained purposeful and profitable  visibility 
  • PLUS bonus money mindset coaching video and download

PLUS: Downloadable templates and guides to support your journey now just now but forever.

PLUS To support you with your progress, in the first  3 months from the date of purchase  you have access to Nadene via WhatsApp. Nadene responds to your questions on a Thursday.

 10 hours of active CPD  (if you attend all group coaching calls)

Nadene’s courageous battle with visibility.

I’m the creator of Thriving Therapist Formula. I’m an Australian Clinical Psychologist and Confidence Coach to therapists. I’m also an Advanced Certified Schema Therapist and accredited EMDR consultant who trains therapists in Australia and internationally in trauma therapy skills.

I’m passionate about coaching women to be visible because I was raised in a religious group that preached invisible service to it’s leader. Although the indoctrination process failed and I left the religion as soon as I was legally able to, those messages ran deep and caused big problems for me when I wanted to develop my business and become visible.

As well as coaching, training and supervising many therapists, I am the founder of the Australian Psychologists in Private Practice Peer Support and led this group to membership of 5k psychologists. I currently lead the Schema Therapy Made Simple facebook group with close to 5k international therapist members.

I’m so glad you’re here and ready to take courageous action towards visibility. If I can get past the barriers of my childhood learnings,  so can you.

What therapists say about Coaching with Nadene


Access to the course content is for 2 years. Access to group coaching is in the first 12 months from date of purchase. Downloadable resources can be kept forever.

 Nadene is available for group coaching once every 8 weeks (approximately) in the first year of the program . You will receive regular email prompts about the group coaching calls. Consumption of the course content requires independent learning and can be done at your own pace over the 2 years. The learning platform is very user friendly and generally doesn’t require additional support, but if this is needed, we are more than happy to assist. Please use the support email provided on your invoice of purchase.


Thriving Therapist Formula is designed to be minimally impactful on your time by providing the essence of what you need with regular coaching support. This is so important in a field of over-doers and prone to burnout professionals. In total there is 16 hours of participation required (10 hours course content and 6 hours group coaching) and this can be done at a pace that suits you. So if you attend all calls and complete the online content, it’s 1.5 hours per month. However, if you want to repeat modules you can spend more time on the program.


All calls are recorded. You are emailed twice before each call with prompts that remind you to attend or submit a question to be coached on. This means you can watch back the replay and still receive coaching even if you don’t attend.

 The live calls occur once every 8 weeks (approximately) on weekdays in the Australian evening time. You are given plenty of notice about call dates making it easier to commit to attendance. Calls are reliably available and only rescheduled in the case of absolute emergency.

If you have less than 3 years experience as a therapist, this course is not suited to you. You are welcome to join when you are ready.


Thriving Therapist Formula attracts participants from both self-employment, subcontractor and employed positions, private practice, government, non-government and teaching institutions.  Graduates are welcome as long as they have had a minimum of three years experience as a therapist.

All courses and coaching counts as CPD. To enable it to be counted as active CPD, you will need to attend or submit questions to the group coaching calls. Participation in coaching calls can be counted towards peer consultation hours.

Yes! We have a 6 part payment plan available because we want to support as many therapists to access Thriving Therapist Formula as possible. We don’t mind whether you pay in full or use the plan.  If you choose the plan, you will be deducted the first payment on the day of purchase followed by the remaining  5  payments deducted every 4 weeks.Commitment to the payment plan means committing to pay the payment plan in full.  If you choose to take the happiness guarantee refund you will be refunded your initial payment and the plan will be cancelled.

Please note total cost of the payment plan is 1100 AUD

Payment in fill is 1000AUD

Yes, this is a tax deductible expense. Because Thriving Therapist helps you improve your skills and capacity in your current occupation, it can be claimed as a tax deduction.

Yes! We understand that Thriving Therapist Formula is an investment in you and we want you to feel happy that you are in the right place. You are given access to two modules in the first two weeks after purchase so that you can make sure you are happy with the style of content and coaching. If you’re not 100% satisfied contact Nadene in writing within 14 days of purchase and we will happily refund you. All remaining course content is available after the first 14 days and there are no refunds available from that date.

Leave your fears behind, get visible and prosper!

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