Break free from the Battlefield

Build the Healthy Adult mode and empower clients in schema therapy


If you’re finding that traditional schema therapy approaches aren’t working in your schema therapy room and feel more like a battle than therapy you’re not alone. 

Banishing critics, battling with coping modes, combative imagery rescripting that uses patriarchal symbols of strength and force can feel too threatening for some clients and abrasive for therapists to deliver.

If you’d like to use imagery that empowers clients, creates internal templates of female strength, power and wisdom and doesn’t rely on symbols of the patriachy or masculine violence…

There is another way. Join me for this masterclass.

Break free from the battlefield

Build and strengthen the healthy adult mode without the battlefield. No more banishing. No more battling coping modes.No more combative imagery.

This masterclass provides you with clear steps to work with your clients to build and strengthen the Healthy Adult mode using gentle and affirming methods that are well tolerated by clients and also empowering.

Learn how to stop reinforcing patriarchal symbols of strength and power and instead empower your clients through creating templates of feminine archetypes of wisdom, power and strength.

This approach is especially suited to clients with early childhood trauma and sensitive temperaments.

2 hour live online Masterclass (Also recorded)

Date: Monday 6 November 4pm (also recorded)

Cost: Early bird price is $197. Price after early bird is $257

No more battles

I provide a practical and useable framework for introducing and using techniques in your therapy room that are well tolerated by clients to replace banishing techniques, combative imagery rescripting and battling coping modes and still meet the schema therapy principles of healing.

Empower women

I guide you to replace patriarchal symbols of force and power with feminine archetypes that promote empowerment and healing. A range of alternatives and educational guides and resources to help you implement this.

Easy to apply strategies

Nadene simplifies and guides you through easy in session strategies to practice schema therapy without the battlefield. Eductional guides and cheatsheets provided to support your learning.

Downloadable resources and skills videos

Downloadables you can keep forever and lifetime access to training and skills videos.

Praise for Nadene's trainings

EMDR and schema therapy is an exciting combination of two evidence based approaches. This webinar is so helpful for therapists who are, or would like to, blend the two. Nadene is skilled at distilling her wealth of knowledge and experience into clearly explained and easy to follow concepts. She reassures and encourages therapists to follow the evidence but also use their own creativity to meet their clients needs”. –
– Hannah, Clinical Psychologist
Just did Nadene’s polyvagal webinar as someone who has heard of the theory but basically had no further understanding and was always pretty put off by the neuroscience-like terms and how complex it all sounded….but the webinar was super – learned the background I needed in a way which felt simple and accessible, and also how to directly use this with my clients. Feel v skilled up in such a short amount of time and highly recommend! Thanks Nadene! 
– Harrie, Clinical Psychologist
United Kingdom
Thank you Nadene, Interpersonal Neurobiology Made Simple is a comprehensive webinar that I have gained a great deal from. I will enjoy reading and going through it again. Very useful, and it has spurred my thinking about my clients immediately.
- Michelle, Psychologist.
Sydney, Australia
Across all her courses, Nadene uses her extensive clinical experience, encyclopaedic knowledge, and passion for pedagogy to synthesise complex clinical concepts into digestible and, most crucially, practical learnings for clinicians of any level of knowledge and experience. Befriending the Body is an apt example of Nadene’s profound gift in integrating diverse areas of clinical practice into a consistent, client-focused, and evidence-based approach to treatment. You walk away with ideas, insights, and inspiration for the “why and how” of augmenting individual’s healing journeys through supporting them in safely reconnecting with their earth-based instrument. Befriending the Body represents the very essence of clinical excellence!
Emma, Clinical Psychologist,
Perth, Australia
I’ve just completed Working with Parts- absolutely awesome. I learnt so much, and discovered that there are frameworks that go with some of the ways I’ve been exploring self with clients. I have made up a resource folder with your slides (loads of my notes on!) and I’ve ordered a heap of the books to explore further. You really inspired me!
Amiee, Psychologst
Western Australia

Nadene van der Linden is an Australian Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of experience as a therapist. She is an accredited EMDR Consultant and Therapist and Advanced Certified Schema Therapist with a passion for body based techniques.

Nadene is known for her skill in combining schema therapy and EMDR and has presented internationally on the topic of combining schema therapy and EMDR therapy.

Nadene has supervised, coached and trained over one thousand therapists to feel more confident in their application of trauma therapy techniques  and to work in  a way that both serves their clients and is authentic to who they are.

Nadene’s training is known for being immediately accesible and useful to therapists. Nadene has skill in her capacity to explain complex ideas into simple to understand and  easy to apply concepts for therapists.

Nadene has a signature program Thriving Therapist Formula that guides therapists to achieve freedom and flexiblity in their career and develop the confidence to pursue their passion and  build a career they thrive in.


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