Empowered Endings

” Empowered Endings has already helped me to set boundaries and get clarity with where I need to move with some clients.  I feel much lighter today!” Deborah, Psychologist

It's time to reclaim your diary and your wellbeing

Feeling powerless to end therapy relationships with clients has a negative impact on your wellbeing as a therapist. It can also reduce your longevity in the therapy space as it increases the risk of burnout.

This training is for you if you are working with clients that:

🚩You know that you are no longer helping

🚩The fit between you and the client is not working for the client's therapy needs

🚩You feel anxiety and dread about seeing their name in your diary

🚩The client triggers your personal issues in a way that is difficult for you to manage

🚩The client's difficulties are outside of your scope of practice

🚩The client is being over-serviced due to a dependence on therapy/ and or you and now needs to be discharged to use their skills independently

🚩You fear your client's reaction to referring on or discharge

It doesn't have to be this way.

In this training you will:

✅ Identify your own stuck points to ending therapy relationships

✅ Understand the benefits of appropriate on-referral and discharge for your clients

✅ Manage your fears so you can stop feeling manipulated and/or powerless to end therapy with clients.

✅ Be guided how to end therapy in a kind, firm and ethical way with even the most challenging of clients.

✅ Be provided with guidelines to create clear and kind practices that will increase confidence in your decision making and prevent and reduce potential difficulties with on-referral and discharge of clients

✅ This method is suitable for caring therapists and holds both you and your client’s best interests at heart.

It starts here

Empowered Endings (3)

What you will learn

How to confidently, kindly and ethically end therapy with any client.

Identify the beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck seeing clients who make you anxious or who are a poor fit for your therapy practice.

Create an empowered mindset and set of skills that allows you to make decisions about discharge with confidence AND action those decisions not just now but throughout your therapy career.

60 minute masterclass lesson

Downloadable resources: 47 page guide and editable templates to support your skill development and implementation

Cost 97 AUD

Identify your blocks

Be guided to identify which of the common therapist patterns is blocking you from being able to confidently end therapy with some or all of your clients.

Feel confident and empowered

Nadene guides you to a healthier and empowered mindset that supports you to make changes to your client caseload that is inclusive of your needs, wellbeing and personal goals, as well as your clients'.

Learn the exact steps

Nadene guides you through a framework to end therapy in a way in which you and your client will feel valued and respected. Kind and clear practices that will incease your confidence in decision making as well as having the potential to prevent and reduce difficulties with poor fit clients and misunderstanding and conflict around on-referral and discharge of clients are also provided

Video lesson

The 60 minute masterclass lesson is recorded. There is also a demonstration video available in your learning portal.

Downloadable resources

To support your mindset shifts and skill development downloadable resources including 47 page guide with sample scripts and editable templates.

Praise for Empowered Endings

Thanks for a great training session. I found it insightful and you encouraged me to reflect on clients that I am needing to discharge but have been avoiding. I identified with so many of the therapist blocks that you talked about! I have already discharged two people this week and now feel more confident that maybe, just maybe I can do more of the work that sparks joy for me! I also realised that part of my blocks relate to peer influence, and that I should not absorb the narrative that we have to keep on keeping on just cause someone is our client.
-Angela, Psychologist
Comprehensive, wise and so well presented.
-Heather, Psychologist
Thank you for the great training last night. I joined this PD partially because I want to ensure that even though I am doing long term work that I am reflecting on whether this is because longer term work/slow progress is appropriate, and explore when endings are appropriate - so that I am appropriately meeting needs & fostering autonomy as well!
-Natalie, Psychologist
Thanks for the recommendations you gave me in Empowered Endings, very helpful.
-TC, Psychologist
Empowered Endings has already helped me to set boundaries and get clarity with where I need to move with some clients.  I feel much lighter today!
-Deborah, Psychologist
Thank you so much for all of the content, information, examples and additional PDFs and templates. Having only been registered as a Psychologist for 2.5 years (with 15 years counselling experience prior to that) the material has helped me immensely, particularly with being able to know what is ethically correct in carrying out discharging a client. But there is so much more than that and I thank you again for all the information.
-Nicole, Psychologist
Great masterclass last night; very concise, informative and empowering.
-Andrea, Psychologist
Thanks for Empowered Endings, another great workshop from you.
-Alex, Psychologist

About Nadene

Hi, I’m Nadene. 

I’m a Clinical Psychologist, Coach, trainer, accredited EMDR Consultant and Therapist and Advanced Certified Schema Therapist.


I created  a successful niched therapy practice and attracted my dream clients. Since then I have pivoted my business away from therapy to a primarily training, coaching and supervision business.

I help therapists build private practice careers they love and introduce alternative income streams so they can do less 1:1 therapy and create scaleable income.

I have supervised, coached and trained over one thousand therapists to feel more confident in their application of trauma therapy techniques and to work in  a way that both serves their clients and is authentic to who they are.

My therapist training and courses are well known for being immediately accesible and useful to therapists. This is due to my capacity to explain complex ideas into simple to understand and  easy to apply concepts for therapists.

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