Packed with easy to apply strategies: my courses and webinars take you from beyond the why to the how

Online Courses &Webinars

My training offerings are bite-sized learning options because no one has time for another long online course.. My trainings meet you where you are at and giving you what you need to apply what you learn in your therapy room. All trainings come with skills videos and downloadable resources you can access for 12 months from purchase. Choose from 

Creatively Combining Schema Therapy and EMDR, 

Befriending the Body Made Simple, 

Working with Parts of Self Made Simple

 and Interpersonal Neurobiology Made Simple

Want them all? Buy all 4 together in the bundle and save offer  and save over $100. 

Praise for Nadene’s  trauma therapy skills webinars and thriving therapist course. 

“Thank you Nadene for this course which provided many useful tips & tricks that I was able to start implementing straight away in my work, as well as providing content that prompted deeper reflection on patterns in my work, and changes I needed to make over time that would help me in building a sustainable, thriving career as a psychologist. I look forward to revisiting the content again in future moments of need – to come back to how I can be a thriving, confident, authentic therapist! Thank you.” Kendall, Psychologist.

“I’ve learned more from your courses about being a therapist than I did from uni” Caitlin, Clinical Psychologist

“Just did Nadene’s polyvagal webinar as someone who has heard of the theory but basically had no further understanding and was always pretty put off by the neuroscience-like terms and how complex it all sounded….but the webinar was super – learned the background I needed in a way which felt simple and accessible, and also how to directly use this with my clients. Feel v skilled up in such a short amount of time and highly recommend! Thanks Nadene!” Harrie, United Kingdom

Across all her courses, Nadene uses her extensive clinical experience, encyclopaedic knowledge, and passion for pedagogy to synthesise complex clinical concepts into digestible and, most crucially, practical learnings for clinicians of any level of knowledge and experience. Befriending the Body is an apt example of Nadene’s profound gift in integrating diverse areas of clinical practice into a consistent, client-focused, and evidence-based approach to treatment. You walk away with ideas, insights, and inspiration for the “why and how” of augmenting individual’s healing journeys through supporting them in safely reconnecting with their earth-based instrument. Befriending the Body represents the very essence of clinical excellence! Emma, Clinical Psychologist.

I’ve just completed Working with Parts- absolutely awesome. I learnt so much, and discovered that there are frameworks that go with some of the ways I’ve been exploring self with clients. I have made up a resource folder with your slides (loads of my notes on!) and I’ve ordered a heap of the books to explore further. You really inspired me!” Amiee, Psychologist, WA

“EMDR and schema therapy is an exciting combination of two evidence based approaches. This webinar is so helpful for therapists who are, or would like to, blend the two. Nadene is skilled at distilling her wealth of knowledge and experience into clearly explained and easy to follow concepts. She reassures and encourages therapists to follow the evidence but also use their own creativity to meet their clients needs”. – Hannah, Clinical Psychologist
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