Welcome To Tricky Conversations for Private Practice Admin

Welcome to Tricky Conversations for Private Practice Admin. I am so happy you’re here.

Many private practices provide an orientation to their service and you may have had the training to become an admin or medical receptionist prior to taking this role. This course is to help you learn to have the confidence to have tricky conversations that are specific and sometimes unique to private practice therapy settings. Our clients can be emotional and vulnerable so learning how to have these conversations with warmth, empathy, kindness and fair but firm limits with clients is important. While many of these issues are standard across all private settings, at certain points I prompt you to clarify with your practice owner or manager if there are any particular processes that are specific to the practice you are employed in that they would prefer you follow.

This course features video content and downloadable PDFs.

Let’s start with this video. After you’ve watched it please complete the downloadable PDF exercise to identify your goals for the course.

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