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Secrets of Real Therapist Confidence

Wed 21 February 9am Perth/ 11am Bris/ 12pm Syd/ Melb

Live event – also recorded


Uncover the secrets of real therapist confidence in this 60 min free webinar:

  • The popular myths about therapist confidence that keep therapists like you blocked from reaching your potential
  •  The real causes of your therapist confidence issues
  • Stop using strategies that don’t work to improve your confidence
  • Simple strategies to propel you towards real confidence and attaining the confidence you dream of and career you love

This webinar is perfect for you if:

So if you struggle with confidence and toxic self-doubt as a therapist, whether thats in the therapy room with clients or in taking the next step in your career including offering training and online offerings, this webinar is for you. 

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Only 60 minutes – a perfect bite-sized training opportunity for time poor therapists.

No, you don’t need to attend live as the webinar will be recorded  but we encourage you to do so as live participants get the most out of Nadene’s offerings

You will be sent an email with a zoom link 48 hours and 1 hour before the event. 

The recording will be uploaded within 48 hours of the webinar and you will be emailed about access details at this time

The recording will be accessible for 14 days from when it is uploaded.

Hi, I’m Nadene van der Linden.

I’m the creator of Thriving Therapist Formula. I’m an Australian Clinical Psychologist and Confidence Coach to therapists. I’m also an Advanced Certified Schema Therapist and accredited EMDR consultant who trains therapists in trauma therapy skills.

Most importantly I’m passionate about guiding therapists like you to have a career that you can thrive in professionally, personally and financially. I’m known for being a cheerleader for therapists and inspiring therapists to reach their potential.

As well as coaching and supervising many therapists, I am the founder of the Australian Psychologists in Private Practice Peer Support and led this group to membership of 5k psychologists. I currently lead the Schema Therapy Made Simple facebook group with close to 5k international therapist members. So, it’s safe to say, I know therapists’ problems and the solutions to them pretty well!

I’m so glad you’re here, making the decision to invest in  a more positive future for yourself. You are worth it. 

What therapists say about my therapist confidence events

Secrets of Real Therapist Confidence is insanely helpful Thank you !
–Isabella, Psychologist
This training really helped me to see what I can begin to do differently and what I can focus on professionally in the long-term. Thank you Oh wow where to start - so many mini and major aha moments. From the onset it was so incredibly comforting and to feel part of this group as a collective of therapists who want to improve their confidence. I walked away after listening to the first day going "omg, i'm not alone" and that was such a relief. Other big aha moments were the thinking of my sessions after the fact and how I really need to focus on the balance, the contribution of clients and not feeling like I constantly need to overdeliver in sessions. - Brenda
Brenda, Counsellor
I loved the overall focus on the importance of us as therapists not only becoming aware of these processes but taking responsibility for them by using strategies and taking actions to help build our own confidence which in turn provides a core foundation of having a satisfying and sustainable career.
Nicole, Psychologist
Thank you very much for creating this opportunity - I had an aha moment on day 1 and still think I need some more time reflecting on this. I appreciated hearing from so many others who also helped me consider some of the why’s and what’s of my own journey. I have found this period of covid and Telehealth quite isolating and so it was also really nice just to connect with some like minded people -
Monica, Psychologist
So helpful, so liberating. Thank you!
Helen, Clinical Psychologist
Really generous of you to share this. What I love most was the whole focus on confidence, or really abaout the insight of being enough and accepting myself. Changed my perspective. Did not really realise how critical and hard I have been on myself.
Mattias, Schema Therapist
thank you Nadene for offering such an essential training, I wish I had had this years ago (although recognise the next best time is always now!). – Sarah
Sarah, Psychologist
This training was a true blessing for me. I feel seen and understood, like we're all in this together. By your support I feel reconnected to my authentic Healthy Therapist self, so I'm utterly grateful. Thank you for the training so much again! I'm in a flow, I started with charging more (I'm in private practice and it was a dream of mine for months so that I can create a sustainable workload) and all of my clients whom I said it are totally supportive of it and happy for me. It's shocking how my confidence issues hold me back when no-one is limiting me, only myself.
Angelika, Schema Therapist
I have so much self doubt that has kept me stuck in low paying jobs and feeling inadequate. Is see my peers that I studied with thriving and wonder why I am not doing the same. I have had a big shift in my thinking and will be making some big life changes moving forward and will no longer be settling. Thank you for your time and this wonderful training
Emma, Psychologist

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