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Become the therapist you want to be: authentic, confident, and thriving professionally, personally, and financially.

Increase and fine-tune your ability to be yourself and connect with clients, get in the zone of curiosity and courage and learn how to flourish in your career.

Protect your career by learning how to enjoy it and find success and satisfaction. Prevent the burnout and disillusionment that impacts so many therapists.

Reclaim the joy and enthusiasm you used to have for being a therapist or maybe even feel it for the first time.

Thriving Therapist Formula teaches you step by step what you need to do to prosper as a therapist and have the rewarding career and lifestyle you dream of.


“I believe that all therapists can and deserve to thrive. And that when they do their clients benefit too.”

Are you ready to become the therapist you truly want to be?

Thriving Therapist Formula


Don’t buy into the myth that time and experience alone will rid you of toxic levels of anxiety and self-doubt that stop you thriving as a therapist.

The Thriving Therapist Formula will teach you how to develop and action a plan that will help you begin to thrive professionally, financially and personally.

Thriving Therapist Formula Course Overview

Thriving Therapist Formula helps you become the therapist you want to be through developing authenticity and confidence plus teaching you the key strategies to thrive professionally, personally and financially. Each module consists of video lessons and downloadable guides that you can keep forever. Module 1 is available immediately  from April 1. Each following module is available to complete every two weeks from your enrolment date. Access is for 12 months from purchase.

Module 1.  Authentic  Thriving Therapist

  • Identify what blocks you from being genuinely you when with clients
  • Quick ways to  build real connection with clients your way
  • Longer term strategies to be 100% yourself as a therapist

Module 2. Confident Thriving Therapist

  • The 8Cs of Therapist Confidence and the major blocks to healthy self-assurance
  • Quick techniques to build flexible fortitude when working with any client
  • Longer term strategies to grow your capacity to flow in the zone of curiosity and courage

Module 3.   Professionally Thriving Therapist

  • Identifying your blocks to professional satisfaction
  • How to change patterns that prevent professional fulfillment
  • Simple strategies to bring the joy into being a therapist

Module 4. Personally Thriving Therapist

  • Identify common blocks therapists have to flourishing personally 
  • Understand your patterns and how they impact your wellbeing.
  • Key strategies to increase your personal contentment and fulfilment.

Module 5. Financially Thriving Therapist

  • Learn how to change patterns that lead to financial stress and income plateaus
  • Simple steps to improve your capacity to prosper financially
  • Longer term strategies for financial success.

AND Thriving Therapist Formula Reflections Live Calls with Nadene

  • To support you with your progress, every 8 weeks you have the opportunity to reflect on your journey with your fellow course mates. Ask me any questions live on the zoom call or submit them to me via email and watch the playback. (Total of 6 calls over 12 months)
                                                                                                                                   16 hours of active CPD           

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Praise for Thriving Therapist Formula

“Thriving Therapist Formula gave me a palpable feeling of relief. I had ‘Aha’ moments, repeatedly. And walked away with insights to problems or resources to use and a that joy being supported and understood. And we had never met.
 Nadene offers practical, down to earth coaching. She offers rigorous intellectual understanding with lived experience, delivered with a lightness of touch that makes her content easily accessible. 
 I liked that part of her vision is to hold us in this profession for which we’ve sacrificed so much time and money. So, Nadene validates the work, and she also validates and equips the workers.  – Amanda, Psychologist

“Every therapist should do Thriving Therapist Formula. It will change your life” Kirstin, Clinical Psychologist

“Your course and your calm, matter-of-fact coaching and feedback was life changing. It helped me give myself permission to be outwardly confident again, no more shrinking to make others happy. Thank you for being brave and vulnerable online and creating the services you have created for clinicians. It has allowed me to fully step in my identity as a psych, which allows me to really enjoy what I do and that means the clients I see benefit greatly from this.” – Caitlin, Clinical Psychologist
Thriving Therapist Formula gave me so many freeing insights that no one had ever shared with me before in my career. For the first time, I feel empowered to do the kind of work I want to and work with the kinds of clients I want to work with” Lisa, Clinical Psychologist

“Engaging in the Thriving Therapist formula  as an extension of working with Nadene in supervision has taken my therapist confidence to a higher level.  I particularly love Nadene’s easy to use strategies to quickly boost my confidence.  I also have found the idea of formulating my niche areas of practice most helpful in building my confidence, brand and belief in myself. This has allowed me to confidently recognise my skills and knowledge and then action my dream of offering assessments of neurodivergence. It was also very helpful to realise that I am not alone in my self doubt and it was great to hear others’ thoughts and opinions on this common experience.  I am someone who has struggled with belief in my knowledge, skills and worth as a therapist and Nadene has helped me to start dismantling and demystifying this idea and  as a result of Thriving Therapist Formula. I now know and feel that I am very knowledgable in schema therapy as well as neurodivergence. – Andrea, Psychologist

“Thank you Nadene for this course which provided many useful tips & tricks that I was able to start implementing straight away in my work, as well as providing content that prompted deeper reflection on patterns in my work, and changes I needed to make over time that would help me in building a sustainable, thriving career as a psychologist. I look forward to revisiting the content again in future moments of need – to come back to how I can be a thriving, confident, authentic therapist! Thank you.” Kendall, Psychologist.

“This course was immensely beneficial to me as I navigate through my second decade of clinical work. It has renewed my confidence in my unique skill set and provided some great tips and resources to prevent burnout – something my personality is at high risk of! It felt like an extended supervision session with a warm and friendly guide”. Sharon, Clinical Psychologist

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