4 Sure fire ways to claim your expert.

Stop surrendering your expert to others. Here are some sure fire ways to re-claim your expert

  1. You are the expert in therapy. Your client is the expert in their experience of themselves and their experience of therapy. They are not however the expert in therapy. This means when clients tell you how many sessions they will need, what type of therapy they need and whether progress is quick enough, it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Most clients want to be feeling better yesterday, including myself.
  2. Medicare and other funders are not the expert on therapy. The number of sessions provided and the therapies and the types of problems they agree to fund are not a basis to form your expertise from. Therapy and therapists are bigger and more expansive than what these funders mandate. Don’t let them claim your expert.
  3. To truly claim your expert, you need a niche. You need to pursue something deeply, harness it and hone it. Jack of all trades are not experts.
  4. You need to be remunerated like an expert. Undercharging diminishes your ability to claim your expert because you can’t afford to upskill and train. You kill your life energy for this work because you have to over work to make enough money. When you undercharge, you attract people looking for a bargain, not an expert. Your fee communicates your expertise.

Claim your expert. Grow it, shape it. Most of all – Stop hiding it.

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