Get the Support You Need to Thrive

What sort of support do you have around you?

The importance of quality support for you and your business goals came home to me after my appointment with my accountant last week.

I come from a family where talking about money or doing well with money is counter to the religious beliefs and looked down upon. It probably also bumped up against the virtue of humility.

I’ve never had support for my ability to make my own money or my business success from family. If I talk about money and private practice I was shamed, subtly or not so subtly.

When I saw my accountant last week he was so proud of me, so curious and interested in my trainings and courses and how I had achieved the course creation and sales. He knew a little of my plans as I’d spoken to him about my goals and how they were derailed by what I refer to as the worst year of my life.

I realised later he spoke to me like a father would speak to their child about their success, if they were able to be open to financial success as a desirable outcome. With interest, care and no judgement or moralising.

I’m crying a little as I write this. I feel so lucky to have had that moment with my accountant. I really needed it, even though I didn’t know it would happen when we met or that I had been missing that kind of support. Like a lot of things, I just got used to not having it.

Yes, I pay my accountant for his time. He’s not my father. But somehow he gave me what I needed, when I needed it.

Your career and your business are parts of you. Those parts of you are attached to a vulnerable part of you who still needs to be delighted in, to be supported, to be cared for and guided.

Make sure you get the support you need. Especially if you have old childhood messages and people around you that don’t support your growth.

You may need to pay for that support and that’s ok.

You don’t have to hide your success or feel shame for feeling proud of your achievements.

You matter. You’re allowed have support.

You’re allowed to thrive as the person you are.

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