How to be an Authentic, Confident & Thriving Therapist and claim the career you dream of

The best thing about doing the live Q & A last night was meeting the course participants and answering their questions. I had a bit of an idea people were liking it based on some messages.

To spend an hour talking to people about what they got out of it and how they were applying the changes was fantastic. When I launched the course lot of people said to me I think I needed that when I started out but not now. But do you know what? Most of my participants had 5-15 years experience behind them.

They told me the course has inspired them to take charge of their careers.

To make the decisions they needed to make. To say no to the work they don’t want to do.

To make room for the work they do want to do.

To create a private practice space that is authentically them and stop comparing themselves to others.

To set the kind of limits with clients that reflects their values and needs.

To allow clients to feel emotion without jumping in and overworking, and

To feel more at ease instead of pressured to perform when a client has chosen to work with them based on their bio or a recommendation.

I’m completely thrilled for all my participants. You can still buy the course now.…/how-to-be-an…/

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