How to make being a therapist a journey to love not a problem to solve

“Your life is not a problem to solve, it’s a journey to love” begins a quote by Andrea Balt.

Replace “your life” in the quote above with your development as a therapist….#truth

Many therapists are pretty hard on themselves in the “your life” department too. We may be helping clients with their inner critic and not even realising our’s is running rampant in our head. Almost like it’s one rule for our clients and another rule for us.

You may have eased your critic in one part of your life, only to find its dominant in another. As we know from our work with clients, inner critics can just sound and feel normal, in a “that’s how I do life” kind of a way. The damage they are doing to our ability to create a fulfilling and happy life may go unnoticed.

Spend a moment checking in with yourself. Ask yourself

“Am I offering myself self kindness and compassion?

“Am I allowing myself generosity and time to develop on my journey as a therapist and in my journey of life?”

If the answer is no, notice if your critic decides to berate or shame you for that.
Catch it.
Stop it.
Change it to something healthier.

Consider if it’s worth working on in your own therapy.

Think what you would advise yourself if you were your client.

Then allow yourself to have that too.

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