How to stay alive and thrive in your career as a therapist

One of the things I’ve been able to maintain throughout this career is passion about therapy.

It’s potential to change lives. To heal.

I love it. The fascinating stories. The exchanges I have with clients which range from deep pain and sorrow to humorous banter.

And to be honest, it’s kind of lucky because one of the things that drew me to the career as a young person was the idea of a very nice office. It took me years to get one of those.

Many years of working in all sorts of settings and sitting on uncomfortable chairs in tiny spaces preceded the nice office.

It’s not like that for everyone. Not everyone stays in this career. And not all that stay in it remain passionately interested.

Some burnout.

Some realise it isn’t work that’s good for them.

Some leave all together, some move into management roles.

One of the ingredients I think that helps is staying open and curious.

Lessening the sense of responsibility for client change also helps.

This is often through releasing yourself from the rescuer or stabiliser role that you may have played in your family.

Recognising that you matter too. Resting, and taking breaks often. Allowing yourself to be cared for.

Making choices to grow in a way that you need, pivoting as needed.

Being flexible.

All of these things help.

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