Why super supportive supervision isn’t always the best option.

Super supportive isn’t always the best option.

Do you have a supervisor who validates everything you say?

When you say you don’t feel comfortable doing experiential work, do they say something along the lines “that’s ok, you do you” or “well the relationship is what matters, so it doesn’t really matter?”

Do they never challenge your approach?

Or encourage you to be braver and try new approaches?

If so, you have someone who probably is very similar to you in your approach to therapy.

Someone who uses similar coping modes and avoids anything unpredictable for the preference of what they know.

It may feel cosy and easy.

But it’s also stifling. It prevents growth.

And from my point of view, too comfortable equals boring.

Hypercritical supervisors are to be avoided due to the damage they can do to your confidence BUT super supportive supervision isn’t the answer.

Work with someone who helps you grow.

It’s part of the recipe for thriving as a therapist.

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