Taking things bigger: building your authentic voice

A lot of therapists approach me saying “I know I want to do something, to share my knowledge on a bigger scale”.

“But I get blocked”.

“I’m scared”.

“I’m worried what other therapists will think”.

And the truth is, it can be scary. But once you start, you probably won’t stop.

Take Schema Therapy Made Simple (the Facebook group).

Schema Therapy Made Simple was an idea born on a Sunday morning two weeks ago.

I love Schema Therapy but I also know from the supervision I provide Australian psychologists for their CPD requirements that many therapists are completely bamboozled after their first training.

They love the ideas but they don’t know how to put it all together and apply it. It’s a big model, so it’s completely understandable.

One thing I am strong at is summarising and synthesising therapy concepts and exercises, making them relatable and usable.

So, Schema Therapy Made Simple seemed like a way I could help more therapists begin their schema therapy journey.

What I didn’t expect was a rapidly growing international community that in 2 weeks has grown to 1.4K people.

And that’s the thing about taking things bigger.

You just never know what it will bring and you never will if you don’t try.

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All it takes is an intentional step forward.

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