The hard conversations therapists need to have with themselves

It’s easy as a therapist to put your needs last. Many of us have patterns that help us to become a therapist but that when occurring in their extreme mean we will fail to care for ourselves. We may deny ourselves things like:

  • adequate pay in order to meet a client’s need for treatment
  • to have a lunch break instead of making calls
  • to take time off when we are unwell
  • to be ordinary without excessive criticism
  • to have fun or relax instead of attend to tasks
  • to stop your client on time so your day will run more smoothly
  • time to think about our own problems and instead worry about clients outside of work
  • to be able to have your needs meet or taken care of in relationships outside of therapy

You might find yourself saying things like “I can do it , it’s easy for me so I will”, “what’s 5 minutes of my time”. You may even feel a little angelic about it.

But all of this adds up.

Your old patterns run the risk of causing burn out and stopping you from doing what you love.

They may prevent having relationships where your needs are met too, or putting in place boundaries for difficult people and doing all the things that you advise your clients to do.

It’s easy to let this happen. It’s harder to change your patterns.

But it’s worth it. You’re worth it.

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