Therapy magic: the journey continues

I packed up the therapy space I’ve worked in for close to 9 years yesterday.

A wave of grief passed over me when it was done.

All the conversations, the stories, the moments and the memories of this room created a sudden wave of emotion. An ending.

And then the empty blankness of the space with my things no longer in it echoed back at me. 

I realised.

It was never the space.

It was my energy and the clients energy. 

The conversations, the stories, the silences and the memories belong to us.

They will come with me to this new space. They will stay with my clients. New moments will be created in my new room.

And the grief pivoted.

I’ve been so focused on creating a welcoming and warm space for myself and my clients and supervisees to work together in.

This reflection has made me realise that the decor is less important than what I bring and what my clients bring into the space. I used to work in a room the size of a broom closet and therapy magic would still happen there 

It’s been lovely to create a welcoming and warm space, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Wherever you work, you can make the therapy magic happen.

It’s about you and the clients. The clients and you.

(image is of my new consult room)

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