This work matters

This work matters. At times this hits me more than others.

Sometimes it can feel like what we do is a drop in the ocean especially when we are working with clients in toxic situations.

And maybe it is, but many drops can make a difference.

And one drop can make a whole lot of difference to the person it touches.

This really came home to me when I delivered a group supervision session to Ukrainian therapists last week.

As some of you know, I have been involved in supporting Ukrainian therapists since the war broke out.

I was a little nervous about doing this, even though I badly wanted to help, because I’d never run a large group supervision here in Australia let alone worked with a simultaneous translator.

I am so glad that I backed myself to do it. Because it mattered to the therapists.

The most significant thing for these therapists was that I made them feel like they were cared for and that they are not alone.

It was interesting to me as I often focus on donations to show care but I know now that although the money helps with emergency relief, at an individual level, people need to be noticed and seen.

My take away from this is, even though we can’t remove our clients from some of the toxic situations they are in, just as I can’t stop the war in Ukraine, the care and the noticing provided through therapy matters.

How have you noticed that this work matters?

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