Unique voices matters. Let yours grow and shine.

We all have a voice.

A style.

A unique human foot print.

People often comment on how they like that I support other therapists, coaches and trainers.

That I spend time highlighting their strengths.

I grow my voice more and more each day but I’m also encouraging of other voices. 

I don’t just promote myself and I never see myself as the answer to all therapist and private practice problems.

I know from a lived experience the danger of a community following one voice.

I know how squashing and limiting that is, no matter how charismatic the voice.

There always needs to be a variety of voices in any arena.

It is healthy. It reflects the diversity that is human experience.

That is why I help lift others up.

That is why I celebrate a range of voices.

Because when we recognise each other’s strengths and there are alternative voices and not just the dominant voice, it is better for us all.

Use your voice. Shape it, expand it and grow it whilst retaining its authentic nature.

There needs to be a range of voices.

Why not yours?

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