Video: The Key Principles to Stand in Your Power as a Therapist.

There is no better feeling than Standing in Your Power as a therapist. That’s why I’m so passionate about coaching therapists to stand in their power too! In this short video, I explain the three key principles of standing in your power.

To stand in your power and hold boundaries you need to have the tools to effectively communicate your boundaries. That’s where my self-study program comes in. It helps you identify the blocks you are experiencing as well as help you master communicating these boundaries effectively.

If you’re tired of feeling like you can’t say what you want to say, do what you want to do and you feel trapped in a cycle of disempowered interactions with clients and other professionals, this self-study course is for you.

This program guides you in easy steps to overcome the blocks that are disempowering you and leaving you feeling like you can’t. You will access the exact steps to enable you to have confident conversations on those tough topics. The course comes with video examples and downloadable scripts.

To make it super affordable for all therapists, I am now offering Stand in Your Power: Confident Conversations as a self-study program. There’s even a payment plan option, to make it accessible to all.

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