What are the signs your self-reflection is healthy?

If your self-reflection is unhealthy, it’s hard to feel good enough. And when you don’t feel good enough in the therapy room, you can’t develop a confident and authentic therapeutic voice.

Many mental health professionals and therapists engage in self-reflective practice that is more like code for self-criticism. One of my role’s as a mentor and supervisor is to guide the professionals working with me to improve their self-reflection practice.

Here are the signs that your self-reflection is healthy:

  • it’s brief
  • you take on the role of a detached observer
  • its a process focused on both the client and you
  • you can see positive moments
  • when you identity issues these do not become self-criticism or negative labels or affect your overall therapist identity
  • you are able to address the issues in a solutions-focused way.

If you have identified that your self-reflection practice needs some work, considering working with a mentor like me to change that. Sometimes all you need is one-to-one help you see what you need to do. Free yourself from this habit and enjoy a career focused on empoering cleints and creating change not your flaws and faults.

Authentically yours,


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