Your voice: the journey to shaping your message.

If you ever wonder if you are making a difference with your content, you are.

If people reach out to you and say thanks for that. You are.

Maybe it doesn’t make you any money.

Maybe it sometimes feels confusing when you put something out there and you get nothing when last week you got something.

If your intentions are authentic and about helping others grow or meet a need, it’s worth it.

This week, two psychologists have reached out to me about an article I wrote 3-4 years ago based on the circle of security principles. I hated the name the publishers titled it at the time but it works to get people reading it. It has recently been recycled again through a parenting magazine and caught their eye.

“Thank you for making me feel better about myself as a parent”, was the message.

“Thank you for making me feel better about myself as a parent”, is the message I have received from many of the thousands of people that have read it.

I no longer write about parenting. But it’s still out there doing the rounds, being translated into different languages. I was paid $50 for it at the time and later a bonus due to how many times it was shared.

Many of the things I wrote at the beginning of this journey, I did for free as I shaped my writing skills. I wrote hundreds of blogs during that period. Some were rejected, some were accepted.

Now I prefer to write for my page and courses because I have total control over the content. It doesn’t come out with judgey or click bait titles.

We all need to start somewhere in shaping our voice, our message.

Start now. Who knows where it will lead.

If you need help in shaping your voice start with my course: how to become an authentic, confident and thriving therapist. Or book a mentoring consult with me.

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