Coaching with Nadene

May 2023

Coaching: I Help You Thrive Professionally, Financially and Personally

Build a career you love. Stop feeling trapped and like you can’t see a way forward.

Harness your potential to take your career to the next level and diversify your practice and earning potential no matter what stage you are at.

Work with me. I’m a Confidence Coach for Therapists.

I help you protect your career by identifying the origins of your discontent and stuckness. I guide you with practical and easy strategies towards a career you love and are excited about.

I help therapists like you to supercharge your confidence so you can achieve the freedom, flexibility and financial success you desire.  I show you how you can do it and be ethical too!

You may also choose to work with me through my signature program Thriving Therapist Formula where you have access to the on demand content, group coaching sessions and discounted 1:1 coaching sessions (program members save $100 per session).

Coaching with me counts towards your peer consult CPD hours.

You can have the career you dreamed of, or something even better.
Work with me to find out how.


If you prefer support with on demand training and group coaching option we also  have Thriving Therapist Formula. Thriving Therapist Formula  offers self-study course content, group coaching sessions PLUS you can add in 1:1 coaching at the special Thriving Therapist Formula participants discounted price. It’s the best of both worlds.

Thriving Therapist Formula

 Thriving Therapist Formula helps you become the therapist you want to be through developing authenticity and confidence plus teaching you the key strategies to thrive professionally, personally and financially. 

The program consists of on demand course content together with group coaching sessions. PLUS you can access 1:1 coaching at a discounted rate.

Each module consists of video lessons and downloadable guides that you can keep forever. 

Module 1 is available immediately. All following modules are available to complete two weeks from your date of purchase

 Lifetime access to course content. Group coaching access is for 12 months.


Move past your blocks. 

I take you from “I can’t” to “I can” by inspiring you

to take action on your ideas, goals and aspirations.

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