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Are you ready to ditch self-doubt, stop self-sacrificing and take control of your career once and for all? Work with me: I’m a Coach for Therapists. I help you break free from the limitations you’re feeling so that you can build a career you can thrive in professionally, personally and financially. Everything I offer is practical, offers real strategies without woo-woo or magical thinking and is designed specifically for therapists. I have the following options with varied levels of support.

Book a 1 off coaching session $375

Book a coaching intensive $550 (Features 1 x 60 min session plus 3 days voxxer support)

Thriving Therapist Formula

Thrive Amplified: Amplify Your Expertise, Amplify Your Profit

Micro-Coaching Courses – my tiny price intro offers (keep scrolling)


My Micro-Coaching Offers:

My instant access micro offers are a brilliant way to begin your coaching journey 

at a low price point:

Want to feel better as a therapist? If you love group coaching, high value content and networking, Thriving Therapist Formula is for you

Thriving Therapist Formula guides you to overcome the blocks that get in the way of enjoying your career as a therapist, Want to thrive professionally, personally and financially – Thriving Therapist Formula is for you. Featuring figh value on demand content and resources and looking for group connection over a 12 month period, support and networking.

Featuring amazing content and resources designed for therapists PLUS group coaching calls, Thriving Therapist Formula is a great option for you.

Ready to move beyond 1:1 therapy and Amplify Your Expertise and Profit? Thrive Amplified is for you

A 6 week coaching intensive with limited seats, Thrive Amplified features content to support therapists like you to become known, build authority and create profit from your expertise.

Featuring 3 group coaching calls, and fabulous outcomes from participants, this program sells out every round. Don’t miss it.

Prefer coaching when it's just you and like to save?

Thrive Professionally, Personally and Financially

Take the next step towards a career you can thrive in

Grab the 1:1 Coaching Package and  save $200. Let’s make things happen! Personalised coaching for you. Not everyone likes a group or has time for resources and course content. 

This option guarantees the focus is on you.

Thrive with me!

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