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Detox Your Therapy Practice

This free mini training is for you if you're sick of the endless merri-go-round of 1:1 work? Over relying on rebate and insurance systems whose rule changes can impact your income overnight? Or you're interested in alternative income streams for therapists.

Toxic self-doubt busting Cheatsheet

Tired of self-doubt getting in your way? Download this.

Free download Successful Verbal Supports in EMDR therapy

Master the microskill of verbal supports in EMDR therapy to better support your clients' processing.

Processing Safely: EMDR Adaptations Menu

Increase your confidence to make clinical decisions in EMDR therapy. Download here.

Join my free Schema Therapy Facebook group

A supportive group of professionals focused on skills and resource sharing.

Podcast episodes

Listen: How to build a Successful Practice with confidence

Anna Oliver and I discuss how to build a successful private practice with confidence and mistakes to avoid.

Listen: Schema Therapy & EMDR

Listen to my Understanding EMDR therapy podcast episode with Tracy Lynch.

Listen: When does therapy become a cult?

Tiffeny Farag and I discuss the dangerous crossover that can happen between therapy and cult dynamics within communities. The importance of boundaries and other warning signs of cult-like dynamics are explored.

Listen: Owning Your Career

I talk with Simone Morris about how I took charge of my career and the importance of giving yourself permission to do so.

Listen: When trauma resurfaces for therapists

Listen to this episode on All Things Authentic with Dr Vernessa Roberts LMFT where we discuss what happens when trauma resurfaces for therapists, challenges to authenticity and more.

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Read my therapist confidence and coaching tips blog.

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