The Bundle and Save offer

This offer allows you to buy three group consultation sessions at a bundle price. When you buy a bundle of three for $540 (AUD) you are saving $45.

Groups are a fantastic way to learn and network. By using the Bundle and Save offer, it allows you to build accreditation hours at the most affordable rate.

After purchasing the bundle, you will be sent a unique voucher code within 48 hours of purchase that will allow you to book in the group sessions that you would like to attend.

Purchase the Bundle

The first step is to buy the bundle.

Check your inbox for your voucher code

We will send you an unique voucher code within 48 hours.

Book your preferred sessions

Use your voucher code to book preferred sessions. There's even a video explainer to help you book if you get stuck.

Build your hours faster, meet awesome people and save

This is the most affordable way to build your accreditation and basic training hours.

For terms and conditions of purchase please click here

May 2023

Meet Nadene van der Linden

Nadene is a Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor with 20 years of experience as a therapist. She is an accredited EMDR Consultant and therapist and Advanced Certified Schema Therapist. Nadene supervises a large number of therapists in the combined use of schema therapy and EMDR and has presented internationally on the topic. Nadene’s clinical focus is trauma and she has a passion for incorporating body connection strategies into therapy.

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