EMDR Consultation & Clinical Supervision

I offer 1:1 EMDR Consultation and Clinical Supervision with a schema therapy and EMDR focus.

I also offer Group Consultation for EMDR therapists. Consultation hours with me can be used towards your EMDRAA accreditation. I am also a PBA Approved Supervisor.

I am known for:

  • Combining schema therapy and EMDR
  • Using body based strategies to inform embodied parts work and somatic interweaves
  • Helping therapists get confident and comfortable to begin EMDR therapy with clients (especially if they’ve had a long gap since training)

Please note: All 1:1 consultation and clinical supervision is online  via zoom unless a request to meet in my Greenwood rooms is made. All Group consultation is online via Zoom.

About Nadene

Hi, I’m Nadene van der Linden. I’m a skilled trauma therapist, clinical psychologist and coach  who is passionate about helping therapists  thrive by building careers that they feel professionally invigorated by and find freedom, flexibility and financial success in. Most importantly, I coach therapists to fully harness the freedom to choose what kind of career they have at any point in their journey.

I am an Advanced Certified Schema Therapist, an Accredited EMDR Consultant & Therapist & PBA Approved Supervisor. I’m known for my ability to simplify solutions and calm your overwhelm whether that’s in my trauma-focused trainings or coaching. I have a calmly focused, supporting and inspiring presence that enables me to guide therapists to success.

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