About Nadene

Hi, I’m Nadene and I’m passionate about helping therapists to become the therapist they’ve always wanted to be. Confident, authentic and thriving in the therapy room.

I am a clinical psychologist based in Perth, Western Australia. I am proud of my private practice Linden Clinical Psychology which I have operated since 2013, building a strong reputation in the niche of trauma and for my active style of therapy. My love of experiential techniques associated with schema therapy, EMDR and transformational chairwork mean they form a core part of my work.

Many therapists think knowledge and content will help them feel confident. Or that time and experience will get them there. I know that that isn’t the case.

Let me show you how to feel confident and authentic without relying on time and experience or excessive reliance on content.

To find out more about mentoring and courses to help you become the therapist you want to be click the link

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