Doing this one thing has reaped rewards for me

Do you ever have moments when it feels like a lot of your efforts suddenly reward you?

This is what the last month has felt like for me, as I am rewarded for my consistent efforts towards creating empowering training for therapists.

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks, with my mini mind Thrive Amplified: Amplify Your Expertise, Amplify Your Profit selling out in 36 hours. There is now a waitlist for the next round.

In exciting news, I have been invited to present on confidence and EMDR therapy at the EMDRAA Consultants Day in May. It was so lovely to receive an email that said “I thought of you when I thought of therapist confidence”.

I am sharing these events to encourage you to keep going on the goal you are working on: whether that is your confidence and wellbeing as a therapist, creating a profitable therapy practice or diversifying your therapy business.

Sometimes when you aren’t there yet, it’s frustrating.

I had a moment in March 2023 when I realised things were not going as well as I had hoped in my online business. If I didn’t seriously improve something, the backwards slide in sales that I could see wasn’t going to stop.

I made the big decision to quit being an admin of a private practice facebook group that was sucking so much of my time. It felt risky, I wondered if I would lose even more momentum in sales. 

It was the right decision.

Giving up this role, allowed me to truly focus on my business, give it the energy it needed and serve my customers instead of the free facebook group.

I am proud to report that I have made 11x the revenue in sales in this first quarter to date (and its not over yet), than I did in the first quarter of 2024.

If you’re in a tough spot, it may be time to get support to try something different or create a solution.

Reach out to me for coaching support here.

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