Why therapists resist nicheing.

There is little better for confidence, technique development and practice marketing than the decision to niche.

Yet so many therapists are resistant to nicheing.

Whenever I talk about it, this is what I hear:

But Nadene, 

  • Don’t you get bored of doing the same work / working with the same problem all the time?
  • What if I lose skill for working with other types of problems?
  • What if people judge me about my level of expertise?
  • What if I choose the wrong niche?
  • What if I can’t change my niche?
  • I’d like to niche but I don’t know what to choose.
  • There are too many people already doing the niche I am thinking of.

All of these objections can be broken down into categories of misinformation, fear, inflexible thinking and scarcity mindset issues.

The truth is nicheing can take you to the next level of your therapist and business self (if you are in private practice). Nicheing makes you stand out in a sea of “I do everything”. Nicheing gives you a focal point to hone your skills around.

When I developed my niche, I didn’t do it to become more confident or skilled, I did it mostly as a way to market my practice in a fairly flooded catchment area.

But here I am 7 years later, reaping many more benefits from nicheing than just the longevity of my private practice.

Are you ready to niche?

Let me help you work through the barriers that have stopped you from taking the next step. 

Contact me about mentoring at support@nadenevanderlinden.com

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