Do you hate your self-doubt? Read this!

Do you hate your self-doubt? Read this.

Over the weekend as I prepared for Befriending the Body, I had the same uncomfortable feeling that I get right before delivering something. The familiar feeling of self-doubt. I saw my husband hold his eye roll as he listened to the familiar “I’m just a bit worried that it isn’t good enough, I’m not the right person, and that the tweaks I made don’t make sense and that the slides aren’t right……..”

Today it’s easy to forget that feeling as I receive messages like “I loved your webinar. Your expertise will have a direct impact on my practice and benefit the lives of my clients, and for that I am truly grateful.”

Today I’m on a high. I am full of love for this training as it allows me to help people bring body-based strategies into their work.

As much as I don’t like the self-doubt, I know I need a healthy dose of it to stay on track. To keep the third eye on myself as a work with clients, supervise and mentor and offer trainings.

It was reinforced to me further as I completed my Supervision Masterclass last week. Stats were shown that most therapists rate themselves between A+ or A- and that the least helpful therapists rate themselves as the most helpful.

What does this mean? It means over-confidence results in less competence. As someone who has rated themselves as a solid B therapist, I think this grade of B has helped me continue to strive in my career. It has helped me to look for different ways to meet different clients’ needs.

So, if you have some self-doubt, that’s a good thing. We just need to sort out healthy self-doubt from the unhealthy self-criticism. Instead of what’s wrong with me, employ curiosity. What could I have done differently? What could I tweak?

And what could I have done differently in Befriending the Body Made Simple you may ask? I could have been more realistic about how much content fits into 2 hours. I ran way over time. The good news is, the internet stayed on the whole time this year, for those of you who lived through that particular nightmare with me last year.

What are you being overly harsh with yourself about, that you could instead ask yourself curiously “what could I tweak or do differently?”

Authentically yours,


PS the recording for Befriending the Body Made Simple 2022 is now available for purchase here

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