What makes you stand out as a therapist?

How do I make myself stand out from other therapists?

It’s a question I hear in mentoring and supervision as people wonder how to market themselves or find their identity as a therapist.

You don’t have to  learn  a unique therapy, style of fashion or hair or having a special prop or technique.

Spoiler alert: it’s you

The truth is you don’t have to be anyone else other than yourself. No one is you and no one is me.

You do have to be genuinely caring and interested.

You do need to be reliable.

You do need to have empathy and a non-judgmental stance.

You do need to grow and develop your skills and knowledge.

But at the heart of it, you need to be an authentic person sitting with another person.

Being the best and most authentic version of yourself and offering that to your clients makes you a stand out therapist.

A real person, who is not pretending to be a  perfect, untroubled and distanced expert advising from above.

A real person who doesn’t have it all together either but also happens to be someone who has expertise they share with clients together with their humanness.

That is how you stand out as a therapist.

What are you waiting for? Be you.

To learn more about how to market yourself authentically and ethically download my free short webinar “How to market yourself as a therapist: simple and ethical ways to success” here

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