Are you a choosable therapist or a rockstar therapist?

A lot of coaches talk about finding your inner rockstar or making yourself the rockstar of your industry. They’ll even start calling you a rockstar when you work with them.

Part of it’s a coaching strategy to try to build their client’s confidence and, dare I say it, a strategy to appeal to any possible narcissism.

The other part of it is an old business adage about the importance of a business being unique and standing out from others. And to be a rockstar you do have to standout from others and be unique. Think Harry Styles standout wardrobe choices.

I do not like being called a rockstar, superstar or any other such label. It feels in the words of my children, a little cringe.

I also don’t think being unique is a good foundation for a business. In the world of therapy, where we have legislative and ethical responsibilities, it can even get you into a bit of hot water, if you take it too far.

It is better to be choosable than unique. It is better to know what your clients want.

Think Apple products. Very choosable. Very aware of what their clients want.

For example, it is better to have a website that is appealing and choosable to your desired client, than to have one that is completely different to your competitors but also totally unappealing or even off-putting to your clients.

I’m thinking of a black, yellow and red-themed therapy training website I’ve seen recently. It was unique and it did stand out from it’s competitors. But not in a good way.

I could not wait to get off that website even though I would be a desired client. And it made me question whether they were any good. They were definitely not thinking about being choosable.

It’s one of the myths we bust in Thriving Therapist Formula my signature program.

You don’t have to be a rockstar therapist to have a profitable and enjoyable therapy career in your niche area. You just need to be choosable.

So, if you are shaping your therapy business or diversifying your therapy business instead of thinking what is going to make me stand out from my competitors, think:

What will make me choosable to my clients or customers?

– What will make me more choosable than my competitors?

This is my approach to my therapy, training and coaching businesses.

No gimmicks, no random wardrobe items or dying my hair green to match the colours of business to make me a memorable rockstar.

I focus on being choosable over being unique.

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