Courage. Heart. Persistence

How do you do it so quickly?

How do you find the time to create all these things?

Where does your energy come from?

These are questions I hear often.

The truth is it’s taken 5 years of learning and persistence to deliver what you see today. Many of the skills that are fluid now have been built over that time.

Five years ago, I started to get the sense of “is this it? Am I just going to sit in this room and do therapy with clients for the next 20 years?” I’d built a successful sole private practice and hit my target for the number of clients it was healthy for me to see.

My room started to feel too small. Maybe I needed a new room? But that didn’t feel quite right.

I needed to spread my wings. I felt this pull to share my knowledge beyond the walls of my office. There were things about therapy that I was excited to talk about other than with my clients.

I started creating content almost from a positive psychology perspective for people who weren’t unwell enough to need therapy but needed something. I wrote two ebooks which I enjoyed writing but made no profit. The message felt so similar to my clinic work and didn’t really energise me.

But I did notice something. Other psychologists and therapists liked my content. I had a voice they could connect with. And so, in 2019 I was inspired by something Scott Kellogg said at a chairwork workshop and I decided I would focus my online content towards therapists.

Shaping the kind of content and the technology of how to has taken time. As has working out how to stay true to myself whilst also market my courses.

As I got close to launching the course How to be an Authentic Confident & Thriving Therapist last year, it challenged many of my schemas to the degree I became unwell and landed me in therapy. The part of me that was in denial about my difficult childhood and the impact of the messaging I’d received in the strict religious upbringing of a closed community, broke through like a tidal wave. I’m still in therapy, I do yoga 4 times a week and I take medication. I’m doing much better.

I’m sharing this with you because if you’re thinking I want to do that but I can’t. You can.

But it takes work, persistence, navigating failure, overcoming any childhood stuff that gets in the way. You may not all end up in therapy. It’s not a bad thing if you do, and perhaps if you’re really blocked, starting with therapy to explore why might prevent the kind of tidal wave experience I’ve had to manage over the last year. Releasing small amounts, bit by bit, from the dam is a good idea rather than waiting for the dam to burst.

If you want change, you can make it happen.

It takes courage, it takes heart investment, it takes persistence.

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