Thrive Coaching with Nadene

You know that being a therapist has to feel better than this.

You know that you have potential to have a fulfilling and financially rewarding career as a therapist, but you feel blocked from getting there.

You’re tired of the exhausting cycle of toxic self-doubt.

You want to branch out from where you are and work in a way that you love and are passionate about.

You want to feel, and maybe even be known, as the  capable and talented therapist that you are.

Maybe you want to move beyond 1:1 therapy and diversify your business.

I can help. 

I help tame your overwhelm into manageable steps you can easily action.

Work with me and grow a flexible and dynamic therapy career that you love.

Every therapist should do Thriving Therapist Formula. It will change your life. Kirstin, Psychologist NSW.
Nadene offers practical, down to earth coaching. She offers rigorous intellectual understanding with lived experience, delivered with a lightness of touch that makes her content easily accessible. I liked that part of her vision is to hold us in this profession for which we’ve sacrificed so much time and money”. – Amanda, Psychologist
“Engaging in the Thriving Therapist Formula  as an extension of working with Nadene in supervision has taken my therapist confidence to a higher level.  I particularly love Nadene’s easy to use strategies to quickly boost my confidence”.  –Andrea, Psychologist
“Your course and your calm, matter-of-fact coaching and feedback was life changing. It helped me give myself permission to be outwardly confident again, no more shrinking to make others happy. Thank you for being brave and vulnerable online and creating the services you have created for clinicians. It has allowed me to fully step in my identity as a psych, which allows me to really enjoy what I do and that means the clients I see benefit greatly from this.” – Caitlin, Clinical Psychologist
 “You say it like it is, and that is incredibly refreshing”, Sherry, Psychologist
“Thank you Nadene for this course which provided many useful tips & tricks that I was able to start implementing straight away in my work, as well as providing content that prompted deeper reflection on patterns in my work, and changes I needed to make over time that would help me in building a sustainable, thriving career as a psychologist.” Kendall, Psychologist.

About Nadene

Hi, I’m Nadene van der Linden. I’m a skilled trauma therapist, clinical psychologist and coach  who is passionate about helping  you become the therapist you’ve always wanted to be. I want all therapists to thrive by building careers that they feel professionally invigorated by and find financial success in. Most importantly, I coach therapists to fully harness the freedom to choose what kind of career they have at any point in their journey.

I am an Advanced Certified Schema Therapist & an Accredited EMDR Consultant & Therapist. I’m known for my expert knowledge in therapy careers and how to overcome problems that stop therapists thriving. I have a calm, supporting and inspiring presence that enables me to guide therapists to success.

You may also know me from my easy to understand and apply trauma training and my expert knowledge in the combined use of schema therapy and EMDR.  Unlike a lot of psychologists in the coaching space, I still love being a therapist and have a small caseload of therapy clients.

I take you from “I can’t” to “I can” by calming your overwhelm and inspiring you to take action on your ideas, goals and aspirations whilst also providing that all important how to in simple steps. I help you identify the blocks getting in your way and guide you to move past those blocks to achieve what you want.

What I don’t do: I don’t help scale private practices, help you build your team or solve recruitment problems.

Let me show you how you can thrive and enjoy the career you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Don’t stay stuck and feeling trapped and disillusioned – there is a way through! 

You can Book a 1:1 Coaching consult with me or join me and an awesome group of therapists building careers they love in my signature program Thriving Therapist Formula.  

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