Could this uncover the secret to your success?

What is my number one secret of success as a therapist?

I discovered it through feedback from one of my best referrers.

He would tell his patients, “Nadene is great because she is genuinely interested.”

I remember thinking “But aren’t all therapists genuinely interested?”

And the truth is, I think many are. They are just not as good at showing that genuine interest as I am.

My “genuine interest factor” seeps out of me in everything I do in my business. You can’t miss it.

Sometimes a winning edge only requires you to make something obvious to the people who need to see it.

For example, friends of mine who run a successful dentist practice make sure everyone knows that they put customer service first.

If you’re having trouble drowning out the noise of other therapists, you’re either not seeing something about yourself that is choosable or you are keeping that side of yourself hidden.

I want you to think about what you could highlight more. What you could let people see more of? And then let them see it.

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