Resentment and authenticity

Brene Brown has a great meme doing the rounds lately “choose discomfort over resentment”. Brene says it’s key to being authentic.

And she’s right.

Almost anywhere I can find therapists who are feeling resentful about a lot of things.

Resentful about:

  • the number of clients they see
  • the money they earn
  • not using the model of therapy they are passionate about
  • how isolated they feel in their career
  • compliance issues
  • what other therapists are doing / not doing
  • their workloads
  • that being a therapist isn’t what they thought it was going to be.

Resentment builds when you don’t push at these issues and explore why the resentments building.

When you fear changing how you do things even though change is absolutely necessary to feel happier as a therapist.

To feel less resentful, you have to become more authentic.

Which means getting uncomfortable. At least for a little bit. Until you new normal becomes uncomfortable.

Until the next grumbling issue arrives at least.

When we are truly authentic we can acknowledge what we don’t like.

We put in boundaries.

We run our private practice the way we want.

We charge clients what we want.

If you’re tired of resentment and anxiety and you want to become more authentic as a therapist – consider my course “ How to be an Authentic, Confident and Thriving Therapist”
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Praise for the course

“This course was immensely beneficial to me as I navigate through my second decade of clinical work. It has renewed my confidence in my unique skill set and provided some great tips and resources to prevent burnout – something my personality is at high risk of! It felt like an extended supervision session with a warm and friendly guide”. Sharon, Clinical Psychologist

“I like the way you use examples both of your own clients therapy and own therapy, it is good to hear real life example, not just theory. I have learned more from your courses about being a therapist than I did at uni.” Caitlin, Clinical Psychologist

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